Aesthetics of Appearance and Essence

Appearance and essence are the two elements with constituting value combined together to form a mutual relationship through space and design. To explore the profound meaning of appearance and essence, and use the pen of design to depict the characteristics of the space and give unique life to the space, feeling, and increasing the mood as time goes on, this is the “aesthetics of appearance and essence”.

Ahead Design pursues the subtlest resonance between appearance and essence. Except for stunning the eye, a space with spirit can extend a lingering charm with particular character. A good design explores this essence and polishes the polishes value of the space —— not only the stylized beauty, but also touching on thought and response.

Ahead Design gets to the core of the matter and explores the essence of the space. From there, we begin to design.


About us

Since its founding in 2007, Ahead Design has increased the value and depth of space through a flexible cultural code, successfully providing innovative strategies and business models for clients and integrating the characteristics of the space to develop a competitive advantage. We offer unlimited space pattern possibilities via our interdisciplinary team.

In order to realize the multiplicities and particularities of a space, Ahead Design recruits professional and expert interior designers, as well as marketing plan, graphic design, and art and culture elites, and also collaborates with Zhiwei Engineering to build a powerful team with flexible organization, specialized areas of expertise, and consistent concepts.

We design innovative and exquisite new atmospheres for residences, entertainment spaces, office spaces, public spaces, and commercial spaces, and go even further to offer comprehensive plans for furniture design, lamp design, product design, and Graphic Design to improve the overall unity and value of the space.

When executing individual projects, we insist on:
• Thoroughly and carefully considering the space application strategy for the client
• Smoothing the usage behavior of the space in relation to its intended purpose
• Creating an inspiring and innovative new vision



2010  TAIWAN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD, Duplex Apartment Category
2010  ASIA PACIFIC INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD, Silver Award in Duplex Apartment Category
2013  Society of Interior Designers, Gold Award of the Chinese Fashion Designer Prize
2013  TAIWAN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD, Commercial Space Category
2013  TAIWAN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD, Working Space Category
2013  CHINA JINTANG AWARD, Annual Top Ten Entertainment Spaces
2013  Finalist of the SHANGHAI GOLD BUND AWARD
2014  DESIGN FOR ASIA AWARD, Good Design Award in the Commercial Space Category
2014  DESIGN FOR ASIA AWARD, Bronze Award in the Commercial Space Category





Build design uniqueness by applying multiple codes

Redefined space and successfully broke away from inertial design in a single expressive manner.

Combined business models to review and develop more creative commercial spaces with better business value.

Interpreted the living significance of a new era through exquisite and creative residences.


And won the Young Designer of TAIWAN TID AWARD in 2013.



Precise and exquisite planner, strong in material expression and usage habits

Being devoted to residential design for several years, he has a unique eye for design materials.

Clever at using his feelings for texture and touch to create spaces with strong emotional resonance.

Sharp and precise with design materials and patterns, and has a unique understanding of soft mounting and furniture collocation

Creates a tangible residential space abounding with sensory experience.



Carrier for interdisciplinary design projects

With strong design ability laying the path for project realization,

His special role differs from other engineers and designers.

Although he thinks of himself as an arranger, his work involves rewriting the arrangement

And he has created amazing spacial experiences on numerous occasions.

He has participated in the design projects of Mark Lintott, Cheng-Jong Yao, and other well-known designers

To jointly create work in different styles but with a strong sense of design.

He hopes to become a promoter for the inheritance of experience.



Enhancing project resources and integration

Founder of the Zhi Wei Project.

Skilled institutional project integration

Of the implementation of large-scale commercial space projects, chain stores, as well as image stores

Are all his strong suits.

Good at communication and coordination, and has accomplished several large projects for the Yulon Group in recent years

Which further promotes the establishment of its project resources integration.



Strict executor of project management plans

Executes design projects with strictness and clarity, without the least bit of ambiguity.

His management projects in recent years touch on restaurants and office buildings to residences.

Due to his dedicated understanding of design concepts, his space execution degree is in steady progress.



Agile practitioner of creative design

Adept in commercial and boutique space execution,

Many years of experience in spacial design have allowed TAM CHANG to cultivate superior boutique space design techniques.

He has devoted himself to design and the development of recreational spaces over the years,

His masterpiece being the MILO Entertainment Design Project in China.

He has successfully redefined the contemporary KTV recreational space with exaggerated and diverse fashion elements.


Visual Designers



When two-dimensional surfaces meet three-dimensional space

Cleverly combines colors and diagrams to create resonance and reverberation between the planar element and the spatial level

So they complement each other, and provide a harmonious and rich visual sense.



Detailed and dedicated pattern decoration art shows

Good at molding visual textures with different styles

To represent a space’s non-spatial value.